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the barbecue, people come running. it was hard enough to keep steve and i away from it this morning. you have the sweet pulled pork, all of that. >> people are sitting out at picnic tables at 6:00 a.m. stop on by if you're heading to work today. 8:00 hour, we'll have the special performance live right here on "fox & friends." one of our friends today dropping by to fill in for the vacationing brian kilmeade. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you from the weekend show. let's do a couple of headlines because the fear that gripped wall street traders are spreading around the world. this morning, we're seeing strong selloffs in markets in asia and europe. >> will we have a repeat today of what happened on wall street? joining us right now is dennis neil on the streets of new york city. dennis, how does it look? >> you know what? the do or die time now. we were down 4%, 5% in u.s. stocks. europe is trading down maybe 2%. will we actually see a turn back to the positive or will investors say no, you know what? it's even worse than i thought yesterday. this jobs numbe
their patients for providing good care also happen to have a much darker side to them. we're joined now by steve sternberg from "usa today" with more on this disturbing and revealing article that he's done research on. steve, what is the darker side? [no audio] >> apparently we're having a problem with steve's interview. we'll get him back in a moment. >>> here's a look at things making news now at 6:12. a texas jury has convicted religious sect leader warren jeffs of sexually assaulting two child brides. jeffs who represented himself, stood stone-faced when the verdict was read. he faces up to life in prison. >>> the nfl is officially back in business! players have ratified a new ten-year collective bargaining agreement which is good for the fans. the contract allows the nfl to eventually become the first major u.s. professional sports league to use blood testing for human growth hormone. >>> chrysler is recalling more than 367,000 dodge and chrysler minivans because the airbags can go off without warning. the recall affects the 2008 chrysler town & country and dodge grand caravan minivan. the
for being with us. steve, over to you. >> we will check with the fox video tape. two buys armed with an adult, it happened because a woman spanked her child and that's all coming up at 7:40. stay tuned. !z . >>> all right, here is the deal, you have only until today to feed your family and we are talking a $10 credit for a pizza, you can find a link on our home page. you can use that credit in any of their locations in the food truck or the stands around national park and again look for the link on www.myfoxdc.com. >>> in virginia, this means you will not have to pay the sales tax on school supplies and clothing. items like notebooks will be tax-free and loss as -- long as $20 or less and the tax holiday runs sunday. >> you pay a price down the road. but -- >> particularly we all get our electric bill in a couple of days. let's get to the numbers in reagan national 73 degrees right now. and generally refreshing temperatures overnight, salisbury 66, opening up for you nothing too extreme for you up to the north new york city is 71 and we are 68 in detroit. all in all it should
for waking up with fox 5 morning news. steve is taking a little break. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. that is a nice picture out there. i think the nicest one we've seep this early in the morning over the last couple of days. tucker barnes is here to tell us more about the weather. >> comfortable temperatures. we are back generally in the 60s. low 70s here in washington. a nice friday. we'll do a little bit of cloud cover but later this afternoon, more sunshine and we should be dry today. let's get to it. satellite-radar, speaking of dry, not completely dry out to the west. got a few light sprinkles. not even sure these are touching the ground. my be a few sprinkles if are watching out towards front royal, out towards winchester. here in wash, just a mix of sun and clouds to start your morning. it will be a partly sunny day today and we should be dry. i think it will be a decent afternoon for us. let's switch gears and do some temperatures. lots of 60s out there. comfortable temperatures in baltimore, 67. 66 in frederick. 73 in fredericksburg. 63 in ocean city. that's nice. p
." nevertheless, steve deucy and not steve deucy have their own set of facts. >> clearly nickelodeon is pushing a global warming agenda. the big question is is it manmade or is it just one of those gigantic climactic, you know, phases? the science on both sides, there are a lot of scientists who say it's this. others say it's that. >> right. it's unproven science. and again, this is a public education system that we all pay our tax dollars for. and the spongebob book says it's a manmade problem that requires human intervention. >> they're presenting it as fact. >> as fact. >> facts aside, miss carlson admits that her main issue with the cartoon's titular character is its intricate plotline. >> my kids watch a lot of tv but anytime they choose that show i'm like, why? it's hard to even follow sometimes. >> joining me now is eric burns, democratic strategist and founder of bullfight strategies. mr. burns, welcome to the show. >> thank you, michael. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. should we be disturbed that a cartoon sponge knows more about facts than the hosts of "fox and friends"? >> yeah, i me
globallgrowwh. at the greetings and readings book store in hunt valley...owner steve bbum says this all meann banks will have an even tighter leash on lanss in turn... he along with ther small usiness owners... will have aatough ttme expanding any ttme soon. "if the banks don't lend to small businesses, i can't grow, if i can't get money to open up nother store, another situation"d mean 50-60 more -3 some good news this morning...the july jobs repprt pas also just released ... t shows the economy created 117-thousand jobs last month. june...making the unemployment rate dip o 9-point--1 percent. a controverrial decision... in the case of several baltimore &ppolice officers... accused in the fatal shooting of a fellow offiier... and another man. baltimore's top prosecutor, greg bernstein, says there's simply not enough evidence to prosecute the four officers who fired those ssots... and says he beliives they acted responsibly during a chaotii situation. situation. the shootiig happened back in january... after officers responded to a report of a fight. when police arrrved
seem benign, but iowa republican steve king knows the the elle nazis are up to something sinister. >> they've called it "preventative medicine." well, if you apply that preventative medicine universally, what you end up with is you've prevented a generation. >> stephen: exactly. americans only have children by accident. it's clearly hard to imagine anyone having steve king on purpose. i mean, free birth control... [applause] free birth control will wipe out the american race. that's what wiped out the dinosaurs. a bowl of free condoms. so i don't know how the t-rex got them on. [applause] [laughter] folks, i'm angry. folks, this plan is not just the end of humanity. it is the end of decency. as explained by outraged blonde fox lady. >> why in the world would you encourage your daughters and your granddaughters and whoever else comes behind you to have unrestricted, unlimited sex any time, anywhere? >> stephen: yeah. why? because hickory smoked lady and i know that if we give your daughters and granddaughters access to birth control, they will instantly turn into wanton hard lets w
defense? time for the "hardball" strategists. a big night for republicans. steve mcmahon playing defense. i'm afraid to say. take it away. batting practice for you. make the case. easiest night of your life. why the president should not get re-elected for a second term? >> simply, you ask the american people, is the country heading in the right direction, and depending on what poll you look at, your latest poll was about 67% say, no. i've seen it as high as 75%. >> make an argument. what's your case? >> four things. jobs, the economy, spending, debt. every one of those indicators people are unhappy with the direction this president has taken the country. if that's what the question of the 2012 cycle is about, barack obama is in real tough shape. >> what's the biggest issue going for you? >> the economy. clearly. >> narrow it down. >> jobs specifically. the economy more broadly. look at economic indicators, economic confidence, in gallup, latest numbers, the lowest of the obama presidency. people don't think the economy is heading in the right direction. >> okay, you made your point. stev
. >> traded. >> after 30 years of dealing with wall street steve seen a lot and on this day where the tvs are blaring bad news, he explains why this is happening now. >> we had a lead up over the last few days caused by a series of weak economic reports about our u.s. economy. but what happens -- what happened today was the move to europe, as debt traded to a yield above 6%. now on top of greece, portugal ireland, that with the other data, all kind of came together as one event today. the market didn't like it. >> reporter: he says when something like this occurs it makes people very nervous but it doesn't have to be that way. >> people have to be down 500 day, wake up and say pay attention to your money. that's something you should do all of the time. you will feel more comfort when you read about it, you know you got a real good strategy in place. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> despite the market plunge analysts are telling investors not to panic. kron 4's dan kerman continues our coverage with that part of the story. >> we are not in a dasterous situation. -- disastrous situation. >> rep
right now. at the greetings and readings book steve baum says this all means banks will have an even turn he along with other small buuiness owners will have a tough time expanding any time soon. "if the banks don't lend o small businesses, i can'tt open up another store, another store could mean 50-60 more jobs, so it's a ough situation" situation" so what'' next?? the newwjobs report comes out tte new obs report comes out today, and the news is not expected to be very good. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at &p9.2%. 3 all of theegains for this year have been wiped out in the last 2 weeks.live at the inner harbor, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 1) are these sings that a double dip recession is looming? theeamerican people are understandably, not happy with what's going on.the daily gallup poll shows just 7 percent of the people believe the econooy is in good condition.the majority... 56 percent say it's in poor shape. , that 80 percent believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.14 percent believe we're heading the right way. a controverri
the conversation. coming up on the early pdition... &pwill it be a soggy weekend? meteorologist steve fertig has the answer in your skywatchh the answer ieather forecast. &pforecast. 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) map fiber map wilkens map map fiber map wilkens map liberty 3 3 3 3 coming up... she's spending the summer here in maryland... maryland...((alla)"i was born in bogata... " "how this could lead to a new home...that's in our cover story.. next. ravens practice with all their players for the first time... what john harbaugh says the free agent signings need to work on. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough...so tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. about a dozen families in the baltimore regioo are spending this summer hosting
be unconstitutional. joining me now to talk about this on today's stream team, from connecticut, steve perry, cnn education reporter and principal of the capital preparatory school, from new york, pete dominick, host of stand up on sirius xm and from new jersey, paul callen, cnn legal contributor and criminal defense attorney. as a principal, steve, let me start with you, what do you think about this law? >> i think it is a law that just takes up a lot of time but doesn't necessarily do anything to positively impact wait education occurs. technology is a significant reason why education will improve and we need to embrace it and find the ways to do so. >> pete, what do you think? >> well, first of all this law comes from the same state senator who a few weeks back wanted to roll back child labor flaws their state but it's good see the state senators there are really focus old jobs. listen, this is definitely a first amendment issue and what it doesn't outlaw is talking to students privately, writing them note, calling them on the phone, text messaging, i think steve perry can tell you this is the
emily is the latest disaster making it difficult for people in haiti. steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. good evening. >> reporter: the first rain is falling in the capital of port port that could prove to be -- port-au-prince that could prove to be a long night for haitian. 600,000 still live in the tents. emily has been downgraded from tropical storm to tropical wave, the danger here and reason the government put its people on red alert the rain. there could be anywhere from 12 to 20 inches of torrential rain. in the best case scenario, that could prove to be a nightmare. but it could produce flash floods. the rains killed 28 people in june. heavy rains could kill a lot more. government preparation, it's been perfunctory. we have seen tape put up and men going around with loud speakers talking about evacuation. for many people, there is no place to go. the newly elected president has had zero appearance. he's a former pop star. on the recent outing he was pelted by people with soda bottles and rocks no strong help from the government in the time of crisis for people of haiti
at steve paum'' bookstore: bookstore:baum has been a small business ownnr for over 40 yyars...ann has been at this hunt vallee towne center location for the paat six: been 4 tough years of business"- with the dow plunging today... baum says this means banks will have an even tighter leaah on loann... loans..."if the banks don't can't grow, if i ccn't get money to open up another stooe, another store could mean 50-60 more jobs, so it's a tough situation"baum equates it to being on a dropping fiiancial tumble: - "you're always surprised when &pyou have a day that'ssa bloodbath"pikesville financial advisor ggeg gann says what's hhppening on wallstreet...is an indicator of the u-s economy itself...and doeen't bode well for the future: futtre:"i think they should be very concerned, most people in retirement are in 401 k plans, 401 k plans are ripe to be turned upside down, i think theyyare a mess, a joke"and tonight...everyone is aware of the stakes: ptakes:"i hope they rebound soon, my retireeent and his college fund are on the line" line""ddep down inside, i'm a little scared abbut ii, bu
but in relationships. >> i'll say, "remember the time we were with steve and jenny and we met their puppy?" and, "no, i wasn't there. i just wasn't there." and then you pull out a photograph of patrick, steve, and jenny and the puppy on the night of, and it's like-- it's almost like magic to him. >> "organizational skill problems, time-management difficulties, missed appointments," less and less. "frequently late, unfinished projects." ooh, basements full. >> yes, take a look at your desk, take a look at your basement. >> if i had a garage, i could fill that with more too. >> when you deal with adults, usually they don't lose things any more. they lose time looking for their things. >> "money management problems." if i had money-- well, i did at some point, i'm sure. >> well, 50% of it is gone, anyway. >> yeah, exactly. >> i think there's people that we hire that take better care of our money. >> i think a bank robber would take better care of my money than i have. >> "frustrated and excessively impatient." yeah, i'd say "almost daily." >> almost daily, i think so. >> i have the idea, i do it. i don't
enforcement should do its job. san mateo county district attorney steve fichlt we don't need a law to tell us what to do and who is reliable and not. for that reason it limits da discretion on who they can call as a witness. >> new law takes effect next year. 17 other states have similar restriction on jail house informant. vick lee, 7 news. >>> this was supposed to be our one day cool down but him if alluding to the fact that might not be the case. >> probably warm-up slightly tomorrow but not a lot. one day cool down actually turn out to be several day cooler than the afternoon for this time of year. very unaugust like. live view from the high definition roof top camera. looking back at some of the downtown area of san francisco and you can probably see the mist in the air there. we have a rather prominent marine layer advancing from the coast across the bay locally inland and bringing moisture and drizzle over tonight last tonight and this morning could be a little bit more. tonight probably not so much as last night. these are the rainfall total from his this morning. 17 $100 of
a kwchl weeks ago tiger fired his long-time caddie steve williams. well, now williams has paired up with adam scott, and scott is playing like the tiger of old. he is your leader after the first round at eight under. perhaps williams is a good luck charm. >>> the san francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver braylon edwards to a one-year contract. he caught seven touchdowns with the jets last season. >>> baseball, the cardinals molina has been suspended five games for a tantrum on tuesday night. he argued about the strike. he needed some goggles and a shower cap while listening to molina. >>> the game, a seesaw battle between rays and blue jays. toronto takes the lead in the tenth, and tampa ties it in the bottom of the eighth with a jennings homer. they exchange a pair of runs in the 11th. then in the 12th the rays finally end it. one squeezed through the hole. in comes the winning run. rays walk off with a 7-6 win. move over red sox. you got some company atop the al east. the yankees beat chicago 7-2 setting up a weekend series in boston with first place on the line. finally, we'v
new caddy bryan bell. more relaxed was tiger shooting a 2-under 68. his buddy steve williams his former caddy now working for adam scott and scott makes the birdie here. he's the leader after one. and he shot an 8-under 62 with his new caddy stevie williams. that had to be an interesting turn of events for tiger woods. >>> and the defending national east champs the phils tonight. the a's are off tonight. >> i bet today felt good for stevie williams. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. while stocks plummeted the prices were increasing in unexpected places. plus the new price you will pay for gasoline. >>> and we have posted a picture of the oakley fires on ktvu news. you can also get the latest pictures and video. p.pñççe".
. the next item, steve johnson, doing business as underground sf. >> this has been in operation for some time. this is a bar in the lower 8 neighborhood. -- lower haight neighborhood. >> don't touch it. >> i have a really good relationship with the seller who has been facilitating the transfer of the business. he is here with me today. i am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for my neighborhood outreach. we are keeping the name the same come this jury staff the same, the bartender's the same. i really stepping in to replace sean's role. i have been a fan of this neighborhood anbar from the second that i opened this restaurant. i loved it when i went to college here. it has always been a dream of mine to start a small business. when this opportunity came before me, it was a perfect fit. i have a ton of respect for it. i have listened to the group for suggestions that they have to help keep the character. >> commissioners, questions. >> seeing none, >> i had a question. one thing that came to me is that you live right above the establishment. >> yes. in one part of
valley...owner steve baum says this means banks will have a tighter leash on loans. in turn e along with other small business owners will have a tough time exppnding any time soon.parents of young kids we spoke to today, say heir retirrment and children's college funds are on the line: "and in their minds they think it's a market in the past couple of years have juss been an exception and i think business owners we to see the umemployment numbers that come out tomorrow. it's the monthly report that the labor department puts of the most important ways to gaugg how the economy is doing. janice park fox 45 news late edition. we asked:do ou have confidencc in the economy?not one of you said... yes... yes...ryan writes on faccbook..."economy? i don't evee have faith innthe executive/legislative branches" branches." chevonne writess"not at all...too much poneyygoing into the pockets 3 &p3 first on fox ... a baltimore city police officer.../ is... under investigation -/ after a woman claims.../ her.. for sex. ....to solicit - tiara mack.../ says... she was...on grantley &pstrret..
for joining us. let's start with weather and traffic beginning with rosemary who is in for steve paulson. >> happy friday. we will see a bump in our temperatures for the afternoon especially the inland areas. but this morning we are waking up very similar to how we woke up thursday. the low clouds out there. even the patchy drizzle along the coast. we will see the late morning burn off and for the afternoon a noticeable rebound for your spots. we'll take a look at your temperatures today and what you can expect for your weekend. sal. >>> southbound 680 looks pretty nice. heading from pleasanton to fremont and into san jose. also we are looking at highway 4 coming in through the bay point area from pittsburgh to antioch things look good. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> thank you. topping our news this morning. police are investigating a hit and run that critically injured a nine-year-old boy. it happened at mission and new montgomery. kraig debro tells us the little boy just attended last nights giant game with his family. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we spoke to the
iowa congressman steve king worried too. >> preventing babies from being born is not medicine. that's nuts. that's not constructive to culture and civilization. if we get our birthrate down below our replacement rate, we are a dying civilization. >> personally i think the end of our civilization will come when men like steve king get to make choices about women's health. finally bill o'reilly thinks this new rule will somehow hurt the economy. >> the federal government it ordering the health insurance companies to pay for all breast-feeding stuff, all female birth control stuff, all preventative measures for doctors for a ladies that go in, what do you think that's going to do? that's going to effect hiring even more. >> from a fiscal point of view, you would think these people would access more support for birth control since it cost taxpayers up to $11 billion. as it is, the right wing uses bogus economic and faulty logic for their women's health. >>> ahead, new trouble for rick perry's big prayer rally tomorrow. one of his coordinators called the democratic party, quote, an invis
, john hamm, steve martin -- >> john hamm isn't a real celebrity. >> biggest movie hearthrob. steve martin, loren michaels. is he as fun at a private dinner peter as i would hope he is? >> yes. he has moment where is he's kind of nutty then super intelligence and then funny. it was the full package. it was definitely a pinch myself moment. >> did you give him a lap dance? >> yes. and he gave me one and then it was 3:00 in the morning. >> jack nicholson last night, me tonight. >> you're in good company. >> bit of a brazen hussy, aren't you? >> yes. we were discussing in the world of social media what kind of photo could get out there that would get you in trouble. in my case, there's no such thing. there's nothing i could say that wouldn't frankly help my business. there's no photo that could be out there, i could be doing anything inappropriate with you or anyone you know and it would only boost sales. >> but you already have done. you've been seen on this show tonight lap dancing me. and straddling the desk to kiss me. >> but i'm still dressed. >> we're still on air miraculously. >
. at the greetings and readinns book store in hunt valley...owner steve baum says this all means banks will have an even tighter leash on loans. in turn he along with other small business owners will ave a toogh time expandinn any time soon. 3 "if the banks don't lend to small businesses, i can't grow, if i ccn't get money to open up another store, annther store could mean 50-60 ore jobs, so it's a tough situation" situation" so what's neet?? the new jobs report comes out today, and the news is noo expected to be very good. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at 9.2%. 3 all of tte gains for this year have been wiped out inn the last 2 weeks.live at the inner harbor, joel d. smith, foo 45 morning news. 1) are these signs that a double dip reccssion is looming? the american people are understandably, not happy with what's going on.thh daily percent of the people believe the economy is in ood condition.the majority....56 percent say it's in poor shape. shape.rasmussen is now showing wrong direction.14 percenn believe we're heading the right way. the search is on for the person who
street, steve has been a lot, on this today with tvs are blaring all kinds of bad news he pointed to several factors to explain why this is all happening now. >> we had a lead up over the last few days the week that was caused by a series of weak economic reports about our domestic u.s. economy but what happened specifically today the focus move to europe, as though the italian and spanish and debt traded to a yield above 6%. on top of greece, portugal and ireland you have to worry about spain and italy, much larger companies and a much more difficult to deal with that coupled with the earlier economic data that all came together as one cat cosmic even today, the market did not like it and is sold off heavily. >> he says when something like this occurred it makes people very nervous but it does not have to be that way. >> to have this be a is down 500 day you have to say wake up and pay attention to your money, but that is something you should do all the time. you will certainly feel more comfortable if you see a day like today or read about it and you know if you have a really
finish with a two under 68. you may recall a couple weeks ago tiger fired his long-time caddy steve williams. now williams has paired up with adam scott. scott is playing like the tiger of old. he's your leader after the first round at eight under. perhaps williams is a good luck charm. >>> quick football note. the san francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver braylon edwards to a one-year contract. edwards caught seven touchdowns with the jets last season. >>> baseball, the cardinals' moleini has been suspended for five games when he threw a tantrum thursday. he bumped the umpire, arguing balls and strikes. he didn't spit on drake, but as you see, rob needed goggles and a shower cap while listening to molina. >>> the games now, seesaw battle between the rays and blue jays. tampa ties it in the bottom of the inning with the homer. they exchange a pair of runs in the 11th. in the 12th, the rays finally end it. squeezing one in through the hole, in comes the writtening run. ways get the 7-6 win in 1. >>> red sox, you've got company atop the a.l. east. the yankees beat chicago 7-2, set
scott. and do you know who adam scott's caddy is? steve williams, who tiger woods fired just last week. oh, that is good stuff. >> you know the pga would love that. >> they need a little drama under there is no better drama , whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
back of the leader, adam scott. and do you know who adam scott's caddy is? steve williams, who tiger woods fired just last week. oh, that is good stuff. >> you know the pga would love that. >> they need a little drama under there is no better drama than firing your caddy and watching him beat i. >> the final is on sunday night? >> yup. >> okay. we'll be right back. >> announcer: he led stanford to greatness. can he return the 'niners to glory. there is a new coach in charge and we'll meet him friday on cbs5. orewide! and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on th
points, the worst sell-off for the dow in more than two years. >>> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll have much more on the market crash in a minute. let's check in with tucker barnes with a first look at the weather. >> we have some sunshine in the forecast today. should be a nice one today with at least partly sunny conditions and seasonal temperatures. 74 at reagan national. 68 in frederick. 64 in ocean city. and 72 in winchester. forecast for today, partly sunny, seasonal temperatures. 88degrees your daytime high. >>> right to the top story this morning. it is the stock market attorneying. dow on its worst day since the financial crisis thee years agoened the selloff continued in asia with the tokyo market dropping 4% when it opened. in new york, wall street traders taking stock of the meltdown so to speak. andrea day spoke with them. >> it felt like 2008 again. >> reporter: a wild fall on wall street with the dow shedding more than 500 points. a lot of tension for you? >> extreme amount of tension. >> traders always counting down, now, we're down 20 points an
. but you ready for this? he is six back as a leader and scott's new caddy is steve williams, tiger's old caddy. >> this could be a good weekend. >> great stuff. >> all right, dennis, thanks. that's it for us at 10:00, but we're back at 11:00. >> the news is always on cbssf.com. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you considered this by motorola ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. get the latest smartphones like the more powerful than ever droid x2 by motorola. buy one for $199.99, get another one free.
was originally for steve fossett, and that was ready to roll out about a month he was lost, that was about three years ago. so we're pretty close, but it's all being -- you'd have to talk to virgin's richard branson to get that answer. rick: we will. we will follow-up with him. we appreciate you coming on. this is sort of the spirit of adventure is eupl that we were talking about that i'm glad to see is alive and well, graham hawks who is the founder of hawks ocean technologies, thank you so much for your time and best of luck to you. >> thank you. rick: we'll be right back after a quick break, don't go away. an. [ crying ] oh great. every time i fly. my ears! swallow! [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology... at e-trade. is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great thing
a two under 68. he's six shots back of adam scott who incidentally is using woods' former caddy, steve williams. wouldn't that be a fun sunday pair figure that happens? >>> to baseball, giants and phillies in san francisco. grass slick for the phillies ball boy here, coming out -- kind of -- that's the bat boy taking a dive. giants threatening in the fourth. cliff lee strikes out cody ross, swinging to end the inning. in the ninth, lee gets ross looking. cliff lee tosses a complete game shutout. that pitching staff in philadelphia is ridiculous. phillies blank the giants 3-0. >>> alex rodriguez's publicist says the yankee third baseman is looking forward to cooperating with major league baseball as it investigates his alleged involvement in illegal high-stakes poker games. a-rod recovering from knee surgery in tampa had no comment. >>> the yankee have now won seven straight games. nova, the kid, struck out ten white sox batters in a-2 win. the yankees -- 7-2 win. the yankees on fire. boston lost to cleveland the yankees-red sox tied for first place in the american league east. they beg
. >> reporter: economist steve gallagher says the problem is a slow economy can only make jobs at a very slow pace. in the last three months, employers have added a total of 216,000 new jobs to payrolls. today, we learned that more jobs were actually created in may and june than originally reported. but nearly 14 million americans remain unemployed. and, with job growth still anemic, the unemployment rate is going to stay elevated. economist anthony chan says if we're lucky, we'll get as many as 150,000 new jobs a month through the end of this year. >> that, i think, will be just barely enough to hold the unemployment rate. we may see a little bit of a decline in the unemployment rate between now and the end of the year, and, the hope and expectation is that next year we start to see a little bit stronger growth. >> reporter: economists believe most new jobs will come from the private sector as they did last month. the government, particularly at the state and local level, cut positions again in july. it was the ninth straight month of job losses in the government sector. >> it sounds like it
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